What are the benefits to security gates?

No more keys or padlocks. Give a code or keyfob to customers, family members, employees, or association members for the easiest, keyless entry. Give access to only the gates and entry points designated and the time of day they may be accessed. This is essential and beneficial for any community pool, club house, or recreation area.


Access Gates

Users simply use the keypad or card reader by typing in their code or swiping their keyfob. They locked, gated area will become unlocked for a programmable given time and re-close and lock after that time has perspired. Intercoms can be integrated to communicate with a representative and request access.


Gate Access Control

Driveway gates for your home or business work simmal to community areas. We can install gates where owners can give access by either code or keyfob. Let family members, friends, and service providers unlock the gate with a swipe of their card or numeric code. Intercoms also work great residentially or commercially. The owner can speak and open the gate from the inside.