installation of cablesOur technicians are reliable and timely. When it comes to installation, whether electrical, security, audio systems, or cameras, they have a well rounded training that overcomes unique customization and needs. We hire conscientious people, we train them to be efficient technicians, and we send them out to do amazing work.
Let’s say you’re in a tight spot. No, let’s say you’re trying to run an installation of wiring through a tight spot. Are you prepared? How well can you make an incision into a wall or surface and repair it afterwards? EBC technicians are not just experts at their installation jobs, they are considerate professionals when it comes to installations with your property.
Face it. The cables that you have running under your desk are a mess. What would you want the wiring to look like in your basement, attic, walls? Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not imperative to make sure it’s installed properly. When the installation is done in order it makes all future handling easier and more pleasant to work with. Have you ever looked at a house to buy, or even bought one, and wondered at what in the world the wiring installer was thinking? Yea, don’t be that person. 
Get the professionals at EBC Security & Electric to do your installation. Good products, good people, good procedures.