In a house that had been a multi-unit, there are three electrical meters on the outside wall, and three 100 amp electrical panels just inside the back doorway. The city is gently insisting that this situation be changed, by hiring a licensed electrician, to a single meter and panel; to assure that the house would be a single family dwelling from here on out.

I can understand their request, and not because of safety, which I would think is all they should be concerned about, but because of timing. After I started to look into the process, the complication showed it’s ugly head. First, the electrical company would have to turn off the power, then the work would have to be done, preferable to them by an electrician, then the city would need to inspect it, and then, so we can cook dinner, wash clothes, and have charged cell phones, the electric company would come back out to turn the electric back on.

After many inquiries into local electricians, and many no-shows, and not interested, I’ve found an one electrician that was reasonably priced, and proposedly available. I say proposedly, because the work has been started. But, the electrician is able to blast the initial timeframe to pieces because the electric company is not even needed to come out and turn off the electric; he was able to shut it off, and turn it on, himself. So, even though the work is currently at a standstill, it is in the process.

If I had done it myself I would have purchased a whole house generator, so that if I let it sit for days, like an experienced electrician could, I’d still be able to grab a cold bottle of something from the fridge. By deciding to use a licensed electrician I have the best all around… the job is getting done right, and I don’t have to lift a finger.