What are the benefits of a keyless entry?


There are multiple benefits of keyless entry. Take away the key ring and use a single wireless key fob or numeric code, giving access to only the doors designated and also the time of day it can be accessed. Read when and what user uses an access point or even arm and disarm a security system with a swipe. Keyfobs from the sizes of a nickel to a credit card, keyless entry sentex_hid_groupsystems allow up to 1500 users, 64 access levels, and up to 8 different alarm partitions in one system. Use your computer to add users, change access, and read user history. Look at the last 3,000 events of 32 different separate access points, 32 different readers, and 16 key pads. Keep an eye on your property, manage employees and time attendance, and plan for the future.

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